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Why BillMarket?


Improve your cash flow by extending your invoice due date


Increase your purchasing power by buying based on credit worthiness


Strengthen ties with suppliers by paying early or never missing a payment


Be in control by determining when payments will be made


What is BillMarket?

BillMarket is a collaboration between Equifax, one of the world’s largest credit agencies, and Thinking Capital, the leading alternative small business lender in Canada.
BillMarket is the only solution that provides a FREE Small Business Grades, along with tools to help you monitor and improve your performance. BillMarket also introduces a supplier payment platform that enables buyers to extend payment terms for up to 120 days, while suppliers get paid right away!
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Some of Our Partners

We've partnered with many great companies with more to come.
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Get a Small Business Grade

Powered by Equifax, we’ll ask you few simple questions about you and your business. Based on your info, Equifax can instantly show you your Small Business Grade™. We will use your business info and Grade to show you how much you can borrow through Bill Market.
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