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BillMarket introduces a payment platform that gets you paid faster from customers you can trust, allowing your businesses to grow together.

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What is BillMarket?

The brains behind Thinking Capital and Equifax have partnered to establish buyer credit so you receive upfront and on-time payments.

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How Does It Work?

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Why BillMarket?


Less Risk

Every BillMarket buyer has the stamp of approval with Equifax’s Small Business Grade™, reducing your risk of late payments by establishing customer credit and purchasing power from the start.


Faster Payments

BillMarket draws from customer’s available credit to pay you upfront and on time on their behalf.


Stronger Relationships

Serve more businesses that may not have upfront cash to make purchases. Spend less time worrying about late payments and more time growing your business relationships.

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Who is behind BillMarket?

BillMarket is a collaboration between Equifax and Thinking Capital.
Working together, we are redefining the way small business owners access credit across Canada.

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