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BillMarket introduces supplier financing that fits the way your business works. Easily establish credit to extend terms, manage cash flow and grow your business.

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What is BillMarket?

Create the flexibility to buy from your suppliers under terms that best suit your cash flow. BillMarket gives you credit to pay your suppliers on time, so you can focus on moving your business ahead. Knowing how much credit you have to extend supplier terms is as easy as registering with BillMarket and checking your certification report.

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How Does It Work?

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Get Certified

Powered by Equifax, we’ll ask you few simple questions about you and your business. Based on your info, Equifax can instantly show you your Small Business Grade™. We will use your business info and Grade to show you how much you can borrow through Bill Market.
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Why BillMarket?


Extended Terms

Free up working capital and potential by extending payments up to 120 days. No need to negotiate payment terms with each supplier.


Credit Worthiness

Increase purchasing power and impress suppliers with real-time credit insights and on-time payments.


Stronger Relationships

Build trusting business relationships with friendly interactions, larger orders and on-time payments.

Who is behind BillMarket?

BillMarket is a collaboration between Equifax and Thinking Capital.
Working together, we are redefining the way small business owners access credit across Canada.

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